Considering a Boudoir Session?

A boudoir session is a treat; it's a spa like experience. It brings out a side of you that you may have forgotten, or never knew you had. The boudoir session is all about you.  It does take some courage; a little bit of nerve. If you can get past that, I promise to bring out your best. 

I photographed my first boudoir session in 1999.  Yes, nearly 20 years ago using film.  Following that year, I would only photograph about 3 sessions per year, as weddings and portraits kept me very busy.  Fast forward 10 years later and a friend of mine asked me to do hers. Since 2009 I have photographed nearly 600 boudoir sessions of real women, not models.  

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT FROM other boudoir photographers?

1)  I don't ONLY use natural light. I pride myself in knowing how to use professional lighting. I emphasize      certain areas of your body and suppress others.  No need to rely on Photoshop.  You will have a selection of natural and studio lighting proofs.

 2)  I pose everything and make adjustments with each pose as we go along.  This ensures you look your best

 3)  I'm a man! (happily married with 2 children) I can't say that I would  do this better than a female             photographer, as I don't know their thought process, but I do know men look at women differently.