As a Boudoir Photographer; What makes me different from everyone else?....... by Anthony Parazo

First off, I don't only do boudoir photography. I did start with wedding photography back
in the late 90's, which transitioned to family portraits, business portraits and "some" babies. 
At the moment, I mostly get hired for boudoir, weddings and business portraits. 

If I were to list 3 things that differentiated me with other boudoir photographers it would be:

1.   I don't only use natural light. I pride myself in knowing how to use professional lighting. 
      I emphasize certain areas of your body and suppress others. 
      No need to cheat with Photoshop.

2.   I pose everything and make adjustments with each pose as we go along. The small
      adjustments in your body positioning will reduce things you don't want to emphasize
      and showcase parts that that should be emphasized.

3.   I'm a man! (happily married with 2 children) But, still a man! I can't say that I would do
      this better than a female photographer, as I don't know their thought process, but I do
      know men look at women differently.


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A wedding at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington, ON by Anthony Parazo

Having an assignment at the Paletta Mansion is something to look forward to.  I photographed my first wedding there in 2003.  The grounds are so well kept and the architecture and details are wonderful to photograph.  Once you have it, it's all yours; you will not run into another wedding.

Ranata & Dean tied the know a little while ago and I was honored to photograph their wedding.

Here are a small selection of my favourites: